Does Algaecal Have Side Effects?

A number of studies have been performed on AlgaeCal and it has been found that this plant based supplement has no side effects. There has been a study on AlgaeCal that has assessed the broad-spectrum safety of this supplement using a range of toxicological tests.

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The results of the study have shown that there was no significant toxicities observed. AlgaeCal offers you the benefits of taking a calcium supplement without all of the risk of negative side effects involved. This is why many people have seen so much more success with these plant based supplements, compared to the traditional types of rock based calcium supplements.

To read more about the clinical studies that have been conducted on AlgaeCal products, you can take a look at the Research page.

Plant Calcium

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The calcium supplements that are included within AlgaeCal are plant based, which means that they are so much easier for the human body to absorb. Algaecal is side effect free (thanks to the addition of vitamin K2).

The plant is a sea algae that grows in South America called “Lithothamnion Superpositum (or Algas Calcareas as the locals call it)”. The plant absorbs calcium and other nutrients from the sea water around it and then converts it into a form that is much easier for the human body to digest. AlgaeCal contains vitamin K2, which helps your body to put the calcium into your bones so that it does not end up clogging arteries or indigestion. 

When people have started taking AlgaeCal supplements in place of traditional rock-based supplements they have not experienced the negative side effects of constipation, gas, nausea and bloating. This is why plant calcium with the right amounts of magnesium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 are the best on the market. 

Traditional Rock Based Calcium Supplements

Rock Calcium

Most of the calcium supplements that are currently on the market are made from rocks, such as marble and limestone. These rocks are very finely ground into a powder that can be ingested. However, eating these types of rock based supplements can have negative side effects like bloating, gas, nausea and constipation. This is because it is just not natural for human beings to be eating rocks.

The rock calcium carbonate will actually turn off the production of stomach acids. This is why rock is the main component in antacid products. It works if you are trying to reduce acid reflux and heartburn, but it can have a detrimental effect on your digestive system.

Stomach acid is necessary to break down your food and if it isn’t there then gas, cramps and bloating will result.