AlgaeCal is a revolutionary product that comes from the plant species, Lithothamnion Superpositum (or Algas Calcareas as the local South Americans call it). This is a wild-harvested algae plant that is dried in the sun and then turned into a powder. Clinical studies have shown that the trace minerals within this supplement are important for encouraging bone growth and increasing bone strength and density.

The Lithothamnion Superpositum plant species draws in minerals from the seawater and digests them, including calcium and 70 other different minerals. It does this in the same way that a potato or other root vegetable would draw in minerals and nutrients from the soil and break them down so that the human body can absorb them.

Algas Calcareas on Beach

This means that the plant-based calcium in AlgaeCal is so much more friendly and easily absorbed by the body. According to standard tests that simulate stomach conditions, it has been shown that 87% of AlgaeCal’s calcium goes into solution within 30 minutes.

Algaecal Reviews

Customer’s leaving reviews of AlgaeCal have reported increases in bone density after using the Algaecal Plus and Strontium Boost combo. Customers are typically happy with their results and experience no serious side effects.

Reviews for their Triple Power fish oil product also appear positive, with customer’s citing an increase in omega 3 blood levels after testing.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Algaecal testimonials indicate that the supplement takes around six months to a year to work. AlgaeCal actually offers a guarantee when taken along with Strontium Boost to increase your bone density within six months. You will need to take the supplement at the recommended dosage consistently.

Before you start taking the supplements you can take a DEXA scan to assess your bone mineral density to find out what it is now. Then, after taking the supplements for six months you can take the DEXA scan again. If the results do not show an increase in bone density, AlgaeCal will refund double the amount you paid for 6 months. 

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What Are Typical Results?

Many of the customers who have taken AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost have experienced significant increases in their bone density, without the negative side effects of prescription medication. 
When you take a look at the customer reviews for AlgaeCal, you can see that the company gets a lot of positive feedback. In real customer reviews for AlgaeCal, many people have had positive results with a lack of negative side effects. You can see some amazing stories of how AlgaeCal has worked for many users on the Success Stories page of the website.